Witcher 3 Blood And Wine DLC Gets Gorgeous New Screens


CD Projekt Red have shared some colourful new images from their second (and final) expansion for The Witcher 3, called Blood and Wine.

The pictures show off the brand new region that Geralt will be exploring. It’s called Toussaint, and seems to be full of all manner of weird and wonderful plants and beasts.

Take a look at the screens below. There are giant mushrooms, gorgeous coastal towns, and Geralt in conversation with a group of regal looking women.

CD Projekt Red’s Marcin Momot further teased the expansion, saying that it’ll deliver a fascinating story full of twists and turns.

Hearts of Stone was the first expansion for Witcher 3, which released back in October. Apparently the two expansions combined have about as much content as the whole of Witcher 2 (and that game wasn’t small).

The new region is also said to rival the size of some of the larger areas seen in Witcher 3, so it seems Geralt is far from finished hogging our spare time.

Still no word on a firm release date for Blood and Wine, though CD Projekt will be sharing more info about the expansion next month – I’d assume an official release date is on the cards for then.