Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Expansion Release Date Potentially Leaked


We may finally have a release date for the second (and final) expansion to The Witcher 3. Wccftech spotted that Polish gaming website GRYOnline recently listed the upcoming Blood and Wine DLC  as launching on June 7.  

Bear in mind that developer CD Projekt Red has yet to make an official announcement, so this is by no means 100% confirmed. The listing was deleted pretty sharpish though, which is usually a sign of legitimacy.

It also falls into the “first half of 2016” window that the devs have been promising since they announced the expansion.

CD Projekt Red have previously said that if you were to combine Blood and Wine with the first expansion (Hearts of Stone) you’d be looking at nearly as much content as the whole of Witcher 2 –  so quite a lot, then.

Blood and Wine is also expected to offer around 20 hours of gameplay, which is almost double what Hearts of Stone gave us. It’s as if we didn’t give enough of our time to Witcher 3’s massive world. Not that I’m complaining mind, any excuse to jump back into Geralt’s world is welcome in my book.

Blood and Wine is set to take Geralt to the all new region of Toussaint. Not much more is known about it at the moment, but we can count on new gear, new enemies, and characters both “new and dearly missed”.

I would like it now, please.