Work On The Last Of Us 2 May Start Soon


Considering that The Last of Us was a critical and commercial darling, it’s no surprise at all that developer Naughty Dog are planning a sequel.

The team behind the gritty post apocalyptic adventure have been open about their intentions for a follow up for years now, but Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann has finally gone into a little more detail.

As you can imagine, Naughty Dog have recently been pretty busy with a little game called Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, so there probably hasn’t been much time to consider The Last of Us 2 – but Druckmann has one eye on the future.

Druckmann told GamesRadar:

Our next focus is the single player [Uncharted 4] DLC and then, once we have enough resources, resurrect all those prototypes; see where we’re at, see where the teams at, what they’re excited for and go from there.

There you are, then. Once Naughty Dog have completely finished work on Uncharted 4 (due out May 10) then they’ll get to thinking about the next chapter in Joel and Ellie’s adventure.

Of course, there’s a chance they could spurn us all and decide to work on a completely new IP, or even a new Jak & Daxter (which would be awesome, to be fair).

Still, before Druckmann came onto Uncharted 4, he’d already been thinking about The Last of Us 2, which is promising.

He said:

Before my partner, Bruce [Straley] and I, my directing partner, came on to Uncharted 4 we were working on prototypes for different ideas within The Last Of Us universe.

Given the demand for The Last of Us 2, and Druckmann’s passion for that particular universe, it’s safe to assume that it’ll probably be the next game to emerge from Naughty Dog’s wonderful hive mind. Please make it so.