Wynncraft Is A Full MMORPG Built Entirely In Minecraft Over Six Years

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Jul 2019 11:25
Wynncraft Is A Full MMORPG Built Entirely In Minecraft Over Six YearsWynncraft

Minecraft never really went away or stopped being a hugely popular game, but the inimitable crafting/survival game has seen a major resurgence in the past year, with thousands of lapsed fans returning to the game they once committed entire weekends to. 

One of the best things about Minecraft was always just how flexible the game was, and just how much scope there is for all kinds of incredible adventures with friends. This is a concept that the team at Wynncraft have taken and absolutely run with.


Check out the most recent trailer, shared back in March this year, below:

You might well have heard of Wynncraft before now, but if you haven’t, it’s basically a full-on MMORPG that’s been built entirely in Minecraft. That’s it. That’s the sales pitch – isn’t that enough?

It’s been worked on by an incredibly dedicated (and clearly talented) team of over 200 volunteers for about six years now, and has a thriving player base of over two million, according to the official Wynncraft site. Incredibly, the whole thing is also “100 percent mod free.”


The game is free to play, provided you have a copy of Minecraft and an internet connection (instructions on how to access Wynncraft can be found here). Soon after starting your journey in the land of Wynn from “humble beginnings” you’ll find there are over 100 quests, one of the largest custom built worlds in Minecraft, Guilds to join, bosses to fight, dungeons to explore, and more.

Here’s the official description:

Start your journey from humble beginnings in the Wynn province and explore one of the biggest and most detailed custom maps in Minecraft. Play alongside your friends to gain experience and fall into the immersive world of Wynncraft to become the strongest warrior across the 4 expansive provinces!


According to the Wynncraft website, there’s “so much more” to the game, and it’s still being developed with new improvements and updates coming all the time. A quick blast through the comments on the YouTube trailer also reveal that it’s massively loved by those who play it, with more than a few describing it as their favourite MMO of all time.

In other staggeringly impressive Minecraft news, we also recently saw the fruits of an incredibly-ambitious nine-year long group project to rebuild the entirety of Middle Earth.

Minecraft Middle Earth

If the Wynncraft guys could get together with the Minecraft Middle Earth guys, just imagine what they could build.


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