Xbox Boss Teases E3, Aims To Break New Ground For Company

by : Ewan Moore on : 30 May 2016 10:10

You might remember the rumors from last week, when multiple sources all seemed to agree that Microsoft have two new Xbox consoles planned.


Of course, Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded to these reports in his own, coy way via Twitter. Once again, he reaffirmed that whatever Xbox has planned, we ain’t gonna find out till E3.

But has that stopped the Xboss from further toying with our emotions and dropping teases wherever he can? Of course not.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg recently tweeted a picture of himself, Spencer, and Larry Hryb preparing for E3.


And yes, that’s Phil Spencer wearing a #creativechatter shirt, literally days after the original tweet. The internet moves fast.

Meanwhile, Spencer couldn’t resist dropping another tease of his own.

He thanked fans for their support, and suggested Xbox are moving into brand new territory – take a look below.

This could of course, mean anything. I doubt any team preparing for E3 is gonna build up the hype by promising you’ll see “the same old shit as last year”.

But in light of the new hardware rumours, everything Spencer says between now and E3 is sure to be analysed a few dozen times, just to make sure he’s not hidden some kind of confirmation in there somewhere.

By all accounts, it’s widely believed that Microsoft will be revealing a new, smaller version of the Xbox One at E3 in June. It’ll have a 2TB hard drive, and a shiny new controller to go along with the sleeker model.


It’s also suspected that another model is in the works, but probably won’t be shown at E3. It’s called Scorpio, and seems to be intended as more of a rival to the Neo (or PS4.5).

Not long to wait now till we find out for sure.

Ewan Moore

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