Xbox Gamers Are More ‘Toxic’ Than Playstation Gamers, Study Shows

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Sep 2020 14:33
Xbox Gamers Are More 'Toxic' Than Playstation Gamers, Study ShowsRockstar Games/Naughty Dog

Xbox players are more ‘toxic’ and have higher levels of anger than PlayStation gamers, a new study has shown. 

The console war is one of the most boring, tedious quarrels that refuses to fizzle out, especially with the next generation of gaming just around the corner. Particularly since the days of the PS3 and Xbox 360, owners on either side feel the need to proclaim their console’s merits.


Let’s be clear: every gamer, especially those fond of some form of online multiplayer, can lose their temper. However, recent research has exposed Xbox players to be particularly hostile.

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Top 10 Casinos conducted a study that saw 1,000 gamers take the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire, a 29-question survey that assesses and analyses levels of aggression based on the respondent’s answers.

Microsoft’s loyal band of gamers topped the rankings, with the results noting, ‘It’s official, Xbox players are the most toxic gamers, having the highest levels of physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility. Anyone else getting Xbox 360 MW2 lobby flashbacks?’


To be fair, PlayStation and PC gamers really aren’t far behind. Naturally, Nintendo players sat at the bottom of the anger scale (that said, Mario Kart really does bring out the worst in people).

The study covered other fascinating areas, such as the correlation between the amount of time spent on gaming and levels of anger. For those who play for up to 11-20 hours each week, physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility reach their peak. Once you pass 30 hours, aggression levels subside, according to the research.

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As for which games specifically evoke the most hostility, Battlefield and Call of Duty topped the list for physical aggression, verbal aggression and anger. Come on, if you get to the final circle in Warzone and you die in the gas, I think you’re entitled to a tantrum.

Naturally, FIFA wasn’t far behind. ‘Despite its reputation for being relaxing, Animal Crossing players not only made the top five for the category of physical aggression but were found to be more physically aggressive than Grand Theft Auto Online players,’ the research explained. ‘Something to remember next time you think about picking fruit from another player’s island!’

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The difference between sexes was also clear, with male gamers found to be ‘an average of 13% more aggressive than female gamers, with the biggest difference being in the physical aggression category (19.37% higher levels of aggression)’. Men were also 55% more likely to break gaming equipment than women.


I’d say ‘it’s just a game’, but every gamer knows that’s the worst possible thing you could hear when you’ve just lost. Long may the rage-quits continue.

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