Xbox One S Shipped Without Key Feature, Needs Update To Work


The Xbox One S is supposed to launch on August 2 2016 in Europe, but it looks like one jammy git in Norway has already received theirs. 

Krister Kallekleiv put together an unboxing video on YouTube (below), in which he shows off the 2TB model in all its glory. It is a sweet looking console, to be fair.

The only real problem is that the Xbox One S seems to be missing a key feature right now: 4K support.

The Xbox One S isn’t built for true 4K gaming, of course. That’s for the impending Project Scorpio to tackle. However, the new slim Xbox will have the ability to support 4K when it comes to streaming TV and film.

However, another early recipient of the console discovered that this feature isn’t available out of the box, and will likely be some kind of Day One update.

The disappointed owner of this early Xbox One S told GEEKSULTD:

There was no option for 4K. We had to do about a 4.5 gig update when it first powered on. We checked the display settings and it said 1080p. We changed HDMI cables and changed HDMI ports on the TV and nothing fixed the issue. Still won’t do 4K. Maybe a “Day-One” update on August 2nd when it’s supposed to come out.

To be fair, the guy got the console early, so surely he can live without 4K until the launch date and inevitable update come.

On the other hand, it’s bound to be a headache for gamers if they have to download a massive update rather than just enjoy 4K support straight out of the box.

The 2TB Xbox One S will set you back around £350, with a cheaper 1TB model to come somewhere down the line, and the super powerful Scorpio model slated for Holiday 2017.