Xbox One X Midnight Delivery Trialled By Argos


Argos recently kicked off a bold new experiment in their efforts to dominate the video game delivery arms race.

The retailer recently announced its plan to deliver the shiny new Xbox One X into the arms of London-based gamers at 12:01 am, November 7 (the console’s launch day), which has no doubt encouraged a rash of mysterious sick days across the city.

Darren Frost, Fast Track Delivery Lead at Argos, said:

The launch of the Xbox One X is a momentous occasion in the gaming calendar and fans have been waiting patiently in anticipation of its release.  We’re delighted to offer a selected number of our customers the ultimate in convenience, with a delivery right to their doorstep just after midnight – making them the very first in the UK to get their hands on this coveted console. Our Fast Track same-day delivery service is already market-leading, offering customers nationwide same-day delivery in just four hours, and we’re excited about getting customer feedback on this latest trial in evolving the service.

Call me a cynic if you will, but this trial – aptly referred to as Minute-Past-Midnight delivery – sounded too good to be true to me. A brand new console delivered 60 seconds into launch day? Surely not.

Ever the intrepid journalist, I decided to get in on the trial and see if my Xbox One X would indeed be with me in the opening moments of November 7. I’m sure my Pulitzer is in the post.

After work, I got home and prepared myself for the Herculean task of staying up until midnight on a work night. As someone who’s usually in bed with a cup of green tea by 10pm on a weekday, 11pm Monday night was a strange and exciting world to me.

Still, with the promise of a brand new console on the horizon, I struggled on through. I expect my Pride of Britain award to arrive at the same time as my Pulitzer.

Anyway, around half 11 I was contacted by my dear friend, Argos delivery person, and was informed he’d be with me in half an hour. Half an hour later, pretty much bang on one minute past midnight, there was a knock at my door – My Xbox was home.

Now, I was expecting the console to arrive around midnight just because that’s what was promised, but the cynic in me was ready to be waiting up till at least half 12. It was a genuinely impressive surprise when Argos rolled up bang on time. Top marks from me.

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So here I am now, the happy owner of a brand new Xbox One X, dropped straight to my door with none of the hassle of a midnight launch that usually involves queuing and – worse still – people.

I’d brag about how I’m currently sat at home enjoying some crisp 4K gaming, but since my boss knows I was waiting up last night specifically for a console, pulling a sickie was never really an option. Maybe next time.