Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility And New Dashboard Gets Release Date


In the hotly contested console wars, it’s fair to say that Microsoft have hit the nail completely on the head with their announcement that the Xbox One would support backwards compatibility.

Microsoft have confirmed that their huge system update entitled the ‘New Xbox One Experience’ will feature the backwards compatibility, a redesigned dashboard and other features on November 12.


Xbox boss Phil Spence dropped the date during the official Halo 5 live stream yesterday, and said the update has been in testing since September for select members.

Microsoft have been compiling an impressive list of backwards compatible games, that will allow people who own Xbox 360 and original Xbox copies to play them through the Xbox One. Check out the full list here.

Micorsoft have also been asking people to vote on what games they want to see come to backwards compatibility, and it was recently announced that Burnout Paradise will be making an appearance.