Xbox Series X Is Better At Playing PS2 Games Than The PS5


Xbox Series X Is Better At Playing PS2 Games Than The PS5Microsoft/Rockstar Games

Gamers have found that newly released Xbox Series X and Series S are better at running PS2 games than PlayStation’s very own new console, the PS5. 

I have to admit, I was surprised at this revelation as I always thought gamers were pretty steadfast in their choice of console. I’d imagine that anyone who still has a collection of PS2 games would stick with Sony through the years, but evidently there’s been some crossovers and betrayals taking place.


The highly-anticipated PS5 arrived last month, causing chaos online and in stores as fans desperately tried to get their hands on one. The new console brought with it a whole host of shiny new features, but unfortunately Sony previously confirmed that it wouldn’t support PS3, PS2 or PS1 games.


As the door to old PlayStation games closed with the PS5, it apparently opened with the new Xbox consoles, which also arrived last month.

YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer released a video this week explaining that the Xbox Series consoles come with a Developer Mode which lets users install software that utilises Universal Windows Platform apps, in turn allowing the consoles to run emulations of old PS2 games.


According to NME, the emulator also allows users to run games from other legacy systems including Dreamcast, GameCube and Wii.

Modern Vintage Gamer demonstrated the workaround online, explaining:

Developer Mode is the ability to install development builds of software that utilise UWP or the Universal Windows Platform. This would also include emulators such as Retro Arch.


Retro Arch runs an application called PCSX2, which makes the feature possible, but the YouTuber stresses that it’s still an active development project, meaning it’s far from perfect. There are still bugs present, and it’s limited to 2GB in ROM sizes.


Modern Vintage Gamer shows off the potential with examples of gameplay from popular titles such as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Jak and Daxter, Ico, and Ace Combat 2. 

As good as the PS5 is proclaimed to be, I imagine there’s a few PlayStation fans out there who are the tiniest bit salty about Xbox users being able to play some of their favourite PS2 games, while the new PlayStation device fails to be capable.


Still, at least most of the PlayStation users can be smug in their knowledge that they stayed true to their chosen console, rather than switching to team Xbox when they saw fit.

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