You Can Do Some INSANE Things In DOOM


This is a sponsored post by the guys at DOOM to highlight the game’s open multiplayer beta happening this weekend.

This weekend, fans of blowing their friends into steak-sized chunks have something to get excited about, as DOOM has its first open multiplayer beta.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about multiplayers, knows that id Software are the masters with the DOOM and Quake franchises both under their belts. With that legacy in mind, here are some awesome reasons to try out the open beta for yourself this weekend.

Turn into a giant, pissed-off demon.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn into a demon and disembowel those closest to you, you’re probably a psychopath and should seek immediate help. Thankfully in the DOOM open beta, you can treat yourself to that bit of fantasy pie without any of the serious repercussions. The Revenant demon is just one of four you can be in the full game, and they’re all ludicrously powerful. As a demon, you become a killing machine, capable of opening a whole can of otherworldly whoop-ass on the opposing team.

Literally rip a guy’s head off.

Yep. That’s happening. Popped off like a champagne cork. Good. Get him to a medic.

Aside from that bit of unpleasantness, there’s a staggering heap of brutal kills to scale in the beta, with more promised in the full game. Just remember, it’s all fun and games doing them to other people, but when they do it to you, they’re cheating.

Customise your own badass character.

What good is saving mankind from annihilation by demon hellspawn if you can’t look like a champ doing it? It’s no good, that’s what. In the DOOM open beta, you’ll get the chance to customise your angry marine man for that certain je ne sais quoi on the battlefield. Savage, yet stylish.

Taunt the mangled corpses of your enemies.

It’s not unusual to want to really hit home that you’ve killed the entire team with only 5% health, and thankfully, there’s now a correct way of displaying your joy. A taunt inspired by the infamous “Carlton Dance” is a guaranteed way to let your enemies know they you’ve just killed them, and that they’re terrible and should probably apologise to their whole family for being that way.

Of course using the taunt will very likely lead to your own swift death, as your enemies dance mercilessly over your charred remains. Dancing. Mocking.

Destroy friendships in at least seven ways.

DOOM‘s open beta armoury is stocked with seven weapons, ready for you to extract involuntary blood donations from your opponents. Try out the Heavy Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, Vortex Rifle, Lightning Gun and the Static Rifle on two maps, Heatwave and Infernal, in two modes – Team Deathmatch and Warpath (kind of like King of the Hill).

You can even customise your loadouts for maximum carnage. Personally I’ll be using the Lightning Gun and Super Shotgun to sever my ties of friendship. Once you shoot somebody with a Lightning Gun, they don’t forget about it in a hurry.

Get a head start on the chumps playing at launch.

With the full game set for release on May 13th, you can get some practice in on those waiting for the big day. While you can’t take your progress with you, you can learn the maps, sort your favourite loadouts and practice your Carlton Dance for maximum deathmatch efficiency.

It’s cheaper than spending money this weekend.

If you can’t afford a bus ticket away from your problems then you might as well stay inside and play this 100% free game that is only going to be free for you to play this weekend. For free. If any of the above sound even remotely appealing to you, you can jump straight into the beta by signing into your Xbox One, PS4, or Steam account and searching for the DOOM Open Beta. Check out more info on the beta through the website here.