You Can Now Dress Like Arthur Morgan In Real Life

Red Dead Redemption clothing@barkingironsny

Yes, you read the headline correctly, you can live out your fantasy of being the most handsome boah in the west, with an official line of Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing.

What a time to be alive.

Rockstar have buddied up with clothing designer Barking Irons to recreate a few of Arthur’s favourite clothes and accessories, allowing you to physically embody the rootin’ tootin’ outlaw with a heart of gold. And lungs of TB.

The new range is unisex and available in sizes XXL to XS so nobody will be without the chance to be Mr. Morgan. Well, nearly everyone.

Red Dead Redemption Clothing@barkingironsny/Twitter

What exactly can you pick up in the official Red Dead Redemption 2 collection I hear you ask? Well, gather round the campfire and let me tell you.

First up, we have the water-resistant Gunslinger jacket, which comes in at a cool £195 ($250). It’s made of leather and waxed cotton and sports the name ‘Morgan’ emblazoned across the collar.

There’s also a selection of lovely shirts including the everyday shirt £93 ($120), denim shirt £117 ($150) and railroad shirt £93 ($120).

As well as the shirts, there’s also a selection of bags available; the saddle bag £140 ($180), large tote £58 ($75) and riding duffel bag £254 ($375).

Rockstar say:

Modelled on the apparel worn by Arthur Morgan and featuring subtle nods to in-game design, the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collection by Barking Irons combines authentic, period era detail with contemporary Americana styling.

If you want to check out the full range yourself, head on over to the Barking Irons’ website or jump to the Rockstar Newswire post for more details.

The clothing would be the perfect gift for somebody in your life who’s barely put the game down in the last month.

Or, if you’d like to dress up your significant other as Arthur Morgan for… reasons. You do you, no judgement here.

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