You Can Now Grab A Free Mythical Pokemon Every Month This Year


Pokémon is turning 20 this year and to celebrate, fans will now be able to get their hands on a mythical ‘mon every month this year completely free.

If you pop down to your local GAME between Feb 1 and February 24, you’ll be able to pick yourself up a code for a level 100 Mew, the O.G of mythical Pokémon (he first cropped up in the original Red and Blue).

After your visit to GAME you’ll receive a code, which can then be redeemed through the online Mystery Gift option on any of the following four games: Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and X/Y. Don’t go running up to the store with a copy of Gold or Silver and a Gameboy… you’ll only be disappointed.

After Mew, each month’s Pokémon will be available to get in the same way until the 24th of each month. Just be aware that each code will need to be redeemed by a certain date. The Mew code is only good till May 31.

You can then look forward to the following Pokémon in this order; Celebi, Jerachi, Darkrai, Manaphy, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect and finally, Meloetta. Get that Pokédex filled, chaps.