You Can Now Pay People To Play Pokémon GO For You

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Does talking about Pokémon GO bring you out in a nervous sweat because you’ve just not got the time to take your weak-ass team to the next level? 

Well, worry no more because two entrepreneurial blokes have set up a business that’s helping people up their Poké-game in a big way.

Lewis Gutierrez and Jordan Clark charge their clients around $20 (£15) per hour to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs, and level teams up while they’re at work, down the gym or whatever else it is people do.

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Since the game launched in the U.S, Gutierrez had been helping relatives with the game, however, when he advertised his services on Craigslist, he was immediately inundated with requests for help.

In fact, he was so swamped by people pleading for Poké-help that he had to recruit his college friend Clark to help.

The New York based friends claim the service is basically the same thing as dog walking but they call themselves Pokéwalkers. Obviously.

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Even better, you don’t have to physically give your phone to the guys, just your log in details so they can access your account from their own mobiles.

While their service is currently U.S. based, there’s a burgeoning Poké-economy here in Blighty. If you live in Zones 1-3 of London you can hire a a Pokémon keeper who will walk 10k for £30.

I bet business is booming right now!