You Can Win £50k Playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops

by : Francesca Donovan on : 17 Jan 2019 15:24
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If you like chicken and gaming, this here competition is definitely for you.


KFC have just announced a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tournament will be coming to the UK, alongside 16 of the globe’s finest sharp-shooters, and they need your help to defeat the ever-enigmatic unknown threat.

Check out the gameplay on this:

The tournament will be centred on the game’s Battle Royale mode, Blackout, set in the year 2045, a time of brainwashing, zombie Alex Mason archetypes, and suspicion among the new generation of Specialists, resulting in the inevitable bloodbath.


What more could you want?

Well, chicken and cash, of course. The KFC Royale will kick off on January 17 in the United Kingdom, and features 16 content creators from the game.

In addition to the cash prize, totalling £50,000, the fast-food giant and gaming tournament host is also offering participants the chance to win a KFC black card.

In case you didn’t already know and covet such a thing, the black card is the physical manifestation of an exclusive membership, which allows its holder to eat in a KFC restaurant for free, daily.

While Fortnite: Battle Royale fans have enjoyed many an official – and unofficial – opportunity to participate in tournaments since its release, COD players have no doubt been champing at the bit to compete.

It seems Activision – and the Colonel – heard their prayer. Now you all have the chance to play alongside one of 16 content creators for the chance to win.


The Creators featured are *takes a breath* Syndicate, Terroriser, MiniLadd, Daithi, MarleyThirteen, iTemp Plays, MrDalekJD, Tommy T, Spratt, ZerkaaHD, Vikkstar123, Cyanide, PsiSyn, CodeNamePizza, TheGamingLemon, and Gaz Beale, of reality TV.

One thing’s for sure, with a handle like CodeNamePizza, I know who my money’s definitely not on to win this chicken-sponsored competition.

Starting on January 17, there will be a series of qualifiers taking place over a five-week period, with 16 spots up for grabs.

After the qualifiers wrap up, things will conclude at the grand finals on February 24, where the winning fan will receive £15,000 and an elusive KFC Black Card – and the pride which goes along with such a feat of thumb dexterity and tactical thinking.

The remaining prize money will be split between the other players, KFC say, adding it’s apparently ‘time to make a name for yourself’ – or a fun gaming handle, preferably referencing your love for chicken wings.

The event also coincides with the release of a free trial for Blackout in the UK from January 17-to-24, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Black Ops 4 received positive reviews upon its October release last year, with particular praise for the Blackout mode.

It’s the best-selling digital launch in Activision’s history, surpassing 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII.


The event is exclusively for UK-based players and non-professionals. Everything’s to play for.

Registration for the qualifiers opened on January 16 and interested fans can go to the official KFC Royale website for more information, and to check out the league details.

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