You Could Be Wrongly Banned By For Honor’s Anti-Cheat System, Here’s How

by : Ewan Moore on : 24 Feb 2017 11:01

Turns out Ubisoft are taking the whole ‘honor’ part of For Honor’s title a little too seriously.


A number of players have reported that the online fighting game’s anti-cheat system must have gone haywire, because they’re being banned for (allegedly) nothing at all.

Players are finding themselves ousted from matches after receiving the EasyAntiCheat 0006000043 error code, meaning Ubisoft’s software detected ‘an authorised hacking program.’

This is a problem that has plagued For Honor since the beta a few weeks back. While the development team continue to work on EasyAntiCheat’s ban criteria, even announcing a ‘hotfix’ earlier in the week, the problems persist for many.


Over on the Ubisoft forums, community developer Eric Pope has put together a detailed troubleshooting process for innocent banned players, which could be of some use to you if you’re having any problems.

GamerRevolution points out that many of these banned players use the Xpadder controller, which could feasibly go against Ubisoft’s ban criteria, since users can utilise the Xpadder to register multiple attacks onto one gamepad motion, granting them an unfair advantage.

To clarify, it’s not 100 percent likely that For Honor players with an Xpadder are doing this, but the EasyAntiCheat software may not be able to distinguish between those who are and aren’t.

A Ubisoft rep told Kotaku that they’re fully aware of these issues, but only directed players to Pope’s aforementioned troubleshooting page and/or Ubisoft customer support.

For Honor is a genuinely good game, but Ubisoft needs to sort out the myriad of technical issues if it wants the historical brawler to have a truly thriving online community, and they need to do it soon.

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