Your Computer Probably Can’t Even Load This Huge Civ VI Map

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Oct 2016 12:58


Civilization VI (or Civ VI to friends) doesn’t actually have a map resembling the Earth we know and love – something modders have set out to change, as they so often want to do. 


One such map now exists, but it’s so massive that there’s a very good chance your computer won’t even be able to load the bastard. Oh dear.


Modder Gedemon documents the tales of this beast of a map over on the Civ Fanatics forums. The Yet Not Another Maps Pack includes a full conversion of Civ V’s Greatest Earth Map, which was made by djvandyke.

This map has a Giant version that ‘is already way above the size of the Huge map’ and might not even load for the most proficient of PCs.


Then there’s the Ludicrous version which, somewhat disappointingly, isn’t a map dedicated to the life and works of rapper Ludacris, but rather an insanely huge map which can take four or five minutes to load, and will probably crash.


If you fancy seeing if your PC can take on this behemoth, you can download it from here (careful what you install, mind) and simply follow the installation instructions.

Users are warned not to invest in a serious game on the map until extensive testing has been completed, and all are advised to lower the texture sizes so as to allow the game to run a little smoother.

If you’re interested, Gedemon managed 500 turns on the Ludicrous map with 32 civs. His computer consists of an i7 4770K, 16 GB of RAM, and a GTX 980 Ti.

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