Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth Up To £5,300

Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth Up To £5,300eBay

If you’re a nineties kid then you might want to have a little look through your childhood stuff because your old Pokemon cards could be worth thousands.

Those savvy collectors who decided to keep hold of their cards could really cash in, with some cards currently selling for up to £5,300 on eBay.

That’s not bad if you consider it would cost between £3 and £4 for a pack of Pokemon cards in the nineties.

Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth Up To £5,300eBay

I’m slowly starting to regret sorting through my old toy boxes and throwing out pretty much everything after looking through some of the prices at which cards are selling on the bidding site.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about Pokemon, but even I understand that some cards are worth a lot more than others.

The highest sum ever recorded for a single card was an eyewatering £43,450, when the Pikachu Illustrator card was bought at an auction in the US in 2016.

Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth Up To £5,300eBay

Before that, the card was a prize for winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest, and it is thought there are now fewer than six in existence.

The most valuable Pokemon cards come from 1999 and 2000, and are known as ‘shadowless’ Pokemon cards. According to 21st century collectables expert, Tracy Martin, they’re the most sought-after, making them extremely collectable.

She told The Sun the differences between shadowless cards and others are due to the design change in the cards.

Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth Up To £5,300eBay

Tracy also noted how important it is to check if your card has a first edition stamp on it, because if it does, it could sell for a lot more.

If you have slightly newer cards, it could be worth keeping hold of them too, because who knows what they could be worth in years to come.

Tracy said:

You’re probably never going to lose money, although they’re not going to reach the dizzy heights like the old ones.

Yet there are some cards that will give you more than you paid for the packet.

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