Your PS4 Is About To Get A Major Update, Here’s What It Involves


Sony’s recent New York event was really all about the unveiling of the fancy PS4 Pro, but the company did reveal one awesome bit of news for every PlayStation 4 owner out there.

Quietly announced at the end of the show, was that every single standard PS4 will soon be getting a firmware update that adds HDR (High Dynamic Range) support to the console.

For those who might not know (or indeed care) High Dynamic Range lighting massively improves the quality of an image – but you will need an HDR TV to really see the difference.

The benefits of HDR can also be seen beyond games, and through the likes of Netlifx and YouTube as they begin to support the technology.

While the update might not obviously benefit everyone, it’s a pretty cool move on Sony’s part – we should expect the update sometime in the next week.


Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro should be the first choice for anyone who wants to indulge in a spot of 4K gaming. Not counting PCs… or the Xbox One Scorpio.

Sony showed off a number of compatible games during the event, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, and Days Gone – I have to say, they’re all looking very pretty.

The PS4 Pro comes November 10, while the cheaper PS4 Slim will be with us September 15.