YouTube Reveal Top 10 Trending Games For April 2016

by : Ewan Moore on : 06 May 2016 12:46


It’s that time of month again. YouTube has announced its top trending games of April 2016 – and the results won’t be what you expected.


I’m just fucking with you. The results are pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Leading the pack we have Dark Souls. Not at all surprising, since the game launched last month, people have doubtless been watching Let’s Plays, looking for awesome tips, or even enjoying the game as a PlayStation One “de-make” (yes, that actually happened).

dark-souls-3-screenshot-12.0dark-souls-3-screenshot-12.0The Verge

Rounding out the top five are other (fairly) recent releases;  Quantum Break, Enter the Gungeon, MLB The Show 16, and the excellent Ratchet & Clank.


Following those, we have three games that enjoyed betas to varying degrees of success. Gears of War 4, DOOM, and Overwatch. The latter two games also release this month, which is probably another of the reasons they’re trending the night away.

Then we have a wild challenger. The Sims 2  comes out of nowhere to take ninth place –  a real Cinderella story there, sports fans. GameSpot suggested that this could be down to popular YouTuber The Diamond Minecart, who posted several videos of the 12 year old game last month.

Polishing off the top ten, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst sits proudly. Again, this isn’t surprising considering the recent beta and the fact it’s out next month (June 7).

Till next month then, and I would wager that both the new Battlefield and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have made a mark.

Ewan Moore

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