YouTuber Does Awesome Drum Cover of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone



Poor old Sonic may have a lot of problems, but I think we can all agree that Green Hill Zone boasts one of the greatest examples of videogame music.

Clearly, a YouTuber by the name of  Andrew Fleming (AF Drums) agrees. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog he’s put together a brilliant video of him drumming along to the Green Hill Zone theme.

Get a warm nostalgic glow and enjoy some impressive drumming at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

This isn’t the first time Fleming has smashed out a sick videogame beat on the old skins (is that what the kids say?). He also did a really cool Destiny cover last year, and tells GameSpot that he currently has one planned for Final Fantasy. 

If the idea of an awesome Final Fantasy cover gets you all hot and heavy (or y’know, just excited) then you should also make a point to check out this incredible cover of the Final Fantasy VIII theme, made by a whole bunch of talented people.

Anyway, here’s Fleming’s Green Hill Zone effort for you to enjoy.

A lot of people are hoping that SEGA can release an incredible Sonic title for the 25th anniversary (myself included). He’s a good lad really, that Sonic. He just needs a chance to prove it again.