Zombi Is Out Now As A Digital Download For PS4, Xbox One and PC


The anticipated zombie survival-horror cunningly titled Zombi is now available as a re-worked digital download.

Having originally launched as a flagship title on the WiiU as ZombiU, the poor sales of the console stopped the game from ever fully taking off, even after largely favourable reviews. Ubisoft had been working on bringing the stealthy first person shooter to other consoles covertly, until it accidentally appeared on store websites in Australia and Asia. This updated version adds new melee weapons, faster load times and better graphics to the game among other improvements.

Using the WiiU’s gamepad as a real-time map and inventory screen, the game was widely praised for its use of the system to add tension and unease into otherwise mundane sections of gameplay. The PS4, Xbox One and PC version will keep the suspense by similarly disabling the pause feature when players are checking the map or searching through their inventory.

Set in London in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, you take control of a survivor who must work to understand the outbreak, and to survive it. The permadeath feature means that caution is always on your mind, and dying will result in respawning as a new player with no gear. If you’re feeling lucky you can track down your previous character’s items as they shamble around freshly zombified, but it might not be worth the risk.

Zombi is now available worldwide as a digital download for £14.99, and will be part of Microsoft’s Summer Sale for the Xbox One.