ITV Expected To Remove Jamie Lomas From I’m A Celeb

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ITV have received hundreds of bullying complaints after last night’s episode where Jamie Lomas, Dennis Wise, and Amir Khan ganged up on Iain Lee.

The 44-year-old comedian was hounded by Dennis Wise and his apparent lapdogs Lomas and Khan after he put himself forward for a Bushtucker Trial.

Viewers saw Dennis trying to enforce an injustice blanket ban on Iain taking part in anymore of the food trials after his previous failure.

As if it wasn't hard enough having the ex-footballer reeling off every one of his failures, the other two joined in and the British public weren't having it.

You'd have thought the fully grown men may have grown out of such primitive gang mentality, but all it took was a bit of hanger to see them turn on Ian.

Since Iain entered the Australian jungle, 336 complaints have been made by viewers regarding the way he has been bullied.

Iain's TalkRadio co-worker Katherine Boyle called the men out on her show, saying:

I’m in a mood, that show tonight. Flippin’ eck those lads.

The ganging up was incredible. I have got a knot in my stomach, it was pick pick pick all the time.

Iain put himself up for a task and Dennis barked him down but then said ‘don’t be weird about it’ as if it was Iain having the problem.

Then Jamie Lomas saunters off to do the task, he does quite well but he doesn’t get the maximum and then to justify that he brings Iain into it, saying he couldn’t have done it.

Why are you talking about Iain? He is on their minds for some reason.

I think those lads are getting rid of themselves. It was a serious own goal by them.

ITV Expected To Remove Jamie Lomas From Im A Celeb ITV PlcITV

Georgia Toffolo jumped to Iain's defence, clearly recognising him being unfairly treated.

Earlier in the week, the Made in Chelsea star was caught on camera eyeing up Jamie Lomas in a classic jungle shower scene.

It’s likely to be an innocent bit of appreciation, considering Toff has a boyfriend back home though.

Last night Dennis was the fifth star to be sent home in the run up to Sunday's final.

Now only Jamie, Amir, Jennie McAlpine and Toff still stand and bookies Betfair are tipping Toff to take this year's jungle crown at 1/9.

On the other end of the winner odds is Hollyoaks cast member Jamie at 35/1, followed closely by Coronation Street's Jennie McAlpine at 18/1