107-Year-Old Credits Alcohol And Takeaways For Her Long Life

by : UNILAD on : 11 Aug 2017 18:57
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This is Kay Travis, a 107-year-old great grandmother who puts her long and healthy life down to nothing more than frequent alcohol and the occasional takeaway. 


Hell, Kay even spent her 107th birthday earlier this week celebrating with family and friends over a pub lunch down the local.

To be fair Kay isn’t knocking back Jagerbombs and pints of Carling, she’s classier than that – opting for a glass of whisky every night before bed.

Speaking about her diet, Kay’s 77-year-old son, Jon said:


She has always cooked her own food and has a varied diet, although nowadays, because of arthritis, she generally directs her carer as to how she wants her food cooking.

She occasionally does order a takeaway pizza or has fish and chips. She has a regular daily whisky – which she believes is good medicine.

Mum is definitely not an alcoholic, but she’s been drinking whisky every day for the last 15 years or so. In fairness she’ll have a tot of whatever whisky she can get hold of to be honest.

In case you’re interested in taking up the Kay Travis diet, her favourite little tipple is a Famous Grouse which she describes as a ‘good medicine’ and has supposedly had over 5,000 glasses in the past 15 years.


Kay was born in Sheffield, England on August 14, 1910 – however her childhood was shrouded in darkness after her father was killed while fighting in the First World War in 1917.

Her son, Jon, believes that living a long life has something to do with the genetics of females in the family as Kay’s mother lived until she was in her 90’s and her aunt lived until she was 87 – and of course, the life expectancy at that time was significantly lower.

I’ve currently been on the Kay Travis diet for four years and I’ve never felt better. Sort of…

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