24-Year-Old Brazilian Model Tragically Dies From Cancer

Nara Almeida a 24 year old Brazilian model has diedCEN

A Brazilian model with millions of fans online has tragically died from stomach cancer.

The popular blogger, Nara Almeida, had over 4.5 million followers across different social media platforms and gained a reputation for posting numerous updates about her illness and subsequent treatments.

Tragically, Nara passed away recently in the Nove de Julho Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nara Almeida model deathCEN

Her boyfriend, Pedro Rocha, posted to social media in the aftermath of her early death, writing:

Unfortunately Nara passed away last night, after so much fighting I wanted to have her forever, but she deserved to rest.

Her death leaves a huge space in my heart but she is going to live forever inside me, she will always be my inspiration, making me see the world in a better light.

I am sure she will continue conveying her strength to many people, as this was her objective. Rest in peace my love.

Rocha’s post has since received almost two million likes on social media.

Despite her fight with cancer, Nara made a name for herself for posting positive and motivational photos and quotes onto her Instagram.

Nara was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year, on August 8 2017. She kept her followers updated by posting photos from every stage of her treatment against the horrific disease.

In spite of the disease spreading throughout Nara’s body and to other organs, she remained upbeat and positive, determined not to let her cancer take over her life. She kept her positive outlook even in the aftermath of spending five days in intensive care earlier this year.

Speaking before her death, Nara said:

The doctors gave me the confirmation that my case was aggravated, there is no possibility of a cure.

But once again I repeat to you, ‘IT’S ONLY A PHASE’, I’m sure this will not be my end.

In her second to last Instagram post before her passing, Nara revealed that she was turning to immunotherapy – yet still, despite being so close to death, kept positive.

She wrote:

After many tests and a lot of preparation my doctors found a medicine that will do me really well and I have the chance to save my life.

Now let’s hope this drug has a wonderful effect and I get rid of this disease and end this suffering.

Her final post was captioned stating that Nara has no fear in life greater than her faith in God.

The post itself read:

May I be strong enough to withdraw from everything that represses my courage, reduces my faith and stops my laughter.

May the light that inhabits my soul prevail in the face of any sad day, lack of love of others, and loss during the journey. May I never lose this will to move on, to learn from mistakes, and to evolve my spirit.


Our thoughts go out to Nara’s family and friends at this hard time.

Rest in peace.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.