Aggressive Vegans Putting Meat-Eaters Off Going Veggie, According To Survey

by : UNILAD on : 06 Aug 2017 16:54

So it turns out that the small handful of overbearing, oversharing vegans are actually putting people off giving up meat.

Who would’ve thought that shoving morals down people’s throats would make them go the other way?


A new study, which surveyed 2,363 meat eating Brits, found out that two thirds of those asked had considered becoming vegan or vegetarian in the last year, inspired by the health benefits and being educated on the meat industry.

Here’s an incredibly funny and apt sketch by Jim Carrey…

It turns out there are five main obstacles stopping people making the jump, with 26 per cent of participants saying ‘the attitude of certain vegetarians/vegans has put me off’.


The survey showed that the top reason was ‘I like the taste of meat too much’ (81 per cent), followed by ‘Meat substitutes are too expensive’ (58 per cent).

The third reason was ‘I’d struggle for meal ideas’ (50 per cent), and in penultimate place was ‘My family eat meat and wouldn’t consider going vegetarian or vegan with me’ (41 per cent).

Despite not being the top reason for omnivores sticking to their ways, it’s still quite a large percentage who are swayed by aggressive vegans…worth noting.


The study was carried out by VoucherCodesPro, and due to their trade, are likely to focus more on expense issues than anything else.

When researchers asked what exactly the aggressive vegans were doing to put the meat-eaters of, they responded by saying ‘they were quite aggressive to those eating meat’ (37%) and ‘they consider their way of eating to be the only way’.


It seems that if you’re really keen to promote veganism, lecturing, judgement, or fitting into the stereotype of being stubborn and angry, won’t work.


I know many vegans who are perfectly able of not forcing their diet choice on others, and it’s made me much more open-minded to the idea.

It’s a great cause, so it’s a shame that these extreme vegans are putting people off.

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