Alfie Evans’ Family Loses Legal Battle To Fly Him To Italy After Court Ruling


The court ruling for Alfie Evans has concluded and his family has lost the legal battle to fly him to Italy.

When announcing the decision, the judge claimed that it was the ‘final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy’.

Alfie’s father, Tom, revealed that his son had been taken off life support yesterday but had miraculously been able to breathe for himself and survived the night.

23-month-old Alfie was taken off his life support at 9.17pm yesterday (April 23), but has been breathing unassisted since.


This is the latest and final court case that they have lost, losing earlier legal cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

As part of his condition, Alfie has constant seizures, and Tom and mother, Kate, have pleaded to take him to Rome for treatment – but doctors claim that any further treatment was not only ‘futile’ but ‘unkind and inhumane’.

However on Monday a glimmer of hope shone for little Alfie after Italy granted the child immediate citizenship of the country to allow him to travel there for treatment.

Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday afternoon (April 23) they had granted the toddler citizenship after a politician in the country pleaded them to.


According to the Liverpool Echo, an official statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy’s website reads:

Ministers Alfano and Minniti have granted Italian citizenship to little Alfie.

In this way the Italian government hopes that being an Italian citizen will allow the child immediate transfer to Italy.

Italian journalist and politician, Giorgia Meloni, thanked the Italian president for making the decision.

She said:

It’s one of those days when you remember that politics can make you do great things.

[As a] Mum, Italian and president of the party I thank the President-in-office of the council and ministers Alfano and LICR for having accepted my appeal and decided to grant Italian citizenship to Alfie Evans.

This will allow us to open a window to allow the child to come to Italy and be welcomed into one of our hospital facilities.

To Parents Thomas and Kate: we wish to see you in our nation soon.

Alfie’s dad, along with mum, Kate James, have been gaining media attention as they’ve desperately fought a court ruling allowing medics to withdraw his life support at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

Now the case has come to an end.