Anti-Vaxxer Doctor Mocked For Saying He Can Dine Out With AIDS, Ebola, Chlamydia And Meningitis

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jul 2021 10:25
Anti-Vaxxer Doctor Mocked For Saying He Can Dine Out With AIDS, Ebola, Chlamydia And Meningitis@indepdubnrth/Twitter/PA

People have slammed a GP who is apparently against COVID vaccinations for claiming he can go to a restaurant with AIDS, Ebola, chlamydia, meningitis and more, but not if he doesn’t have a COVID vaccine.

Earlier this month, reports emerged of possible vaccine passports for going to bars, pubs and restaurants in order to tackle a fourth wave of coronavirus later this year in the colder months, and to encourage uptake rates among younger people. It currently isn’t a legal requirement for places to ask for proof via the NHS Covid Pass.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was his intention to ‘make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather’.

Dr. Marcus De Brun, a GP from Dublin, recently attracted attention for a tweet many have described as ‘ridiculous.’

‘So let me get this straight in my head, I can have Aids, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Ebola, Hepatitis, Meningitis and conjunctivitis… and I can eat in a restaurant and go to the pub… but if I haven’t had a vaccine for covid-19 (aka nasty cold virus)… I’m barred. Seriously?’ he wrote.


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It’s racked up nearly 3,000 replies, the majority of which are debunking his claims. ‘I am really hoping in this day and age you aren’t seriously suggesting that people with Aids can transmit it in the way that one can easily pass on a highly transmissible airborne disease in an indoor space? Likewise hepatitis or STIs. You can’t go to a bar with Ebola/meningitis,’ one user wrote.

‘And if I breathe in your direction, I can’t pass on my conjunctivitis. Even if I poked myself in the eye and then did the same to you, I’ve never known anyone die from conjunctivitis. As a fellow dr, this is an extremely odd tweet,’ they added.

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