Anti-Vaxxers Attempt To Bribe Doctors For A Fake Vaccine But End Up With The Real Thing

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 07 Nov 2021 17:37
Anti-Vaxxers Attempt To Bribe Doctors For A Fake Vaccine But End Up With The Real ThingAlamy

Anti-vaxxers have reportedly been tricked into receiving the real vaccine after they tried to bribe doctors for a fake one. 

Fake coronavirus vaccinations have reportedly been taking place across Greece at dozens of vaccination centres, as anti-vaxxers seek to partake in activities usually restricted to those who are vaccinated, or look to avoid the twice weekly tests.


The fake vaccinations are said to cost $400. However, upon being paid to inject anti-vaxxers with water, doctors have been administering the real vaccine over fears of being caught by authorities.

Anti-vaxxers Bribe Backfires In Greece - Alamy Alamy

Some members of the public have wanted to receive the fake vaccine in order to be free to perform certain activities which require a vaccination passport. Others have decided to pay for it to prevent them having to perform twice-weekly Rapid tests, Keep Talking Greece reports.

However, according to Mega TV, upon taking the bribe payment doctors have still injected some anti-vaxxers with the real vaccination, over fears of getting caught.


Out of the 2,000 vaccination centres in Greece, it is anticipated that between 100 to 200, and 200-300 doctors and nurses, have been involved in the scandal, Tovima reports.

It’s estimated that illegal methods have been used to obtain fake vaccination certificates by more than 100,000 citizens.

Despite the irony of the anti-vaxxers having been vaccinated, the issue is morally complex. While the anti-vaxxers are now protected from coronavirus, the doctor administered the injection without their consent.


Legal action could subsequently be pursued by the anti-vaxxers, however, they would have to admit to bribery, making any possible case unlikely.

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