Arnie Changes Workout Routine To ‘Save His Knees’ But It’s Still Absolutely Brutal

Arnold Schwarzenegger smilingPA Images

Action icon and former Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger is changing his workout routine to try and save his ‘shot’ knees.

In an interview with Men’s Health, the 70-year-old Terminator star confessed he can no longer do squats, or other heavy leg exercises, because he wants to protect his knees so he can keep skiing.

Don’t go thinking Arnie’s getting soft though, he’s still working out and lifting weights. The only change he’s made is he’s using different kit.

Arnie told Men’s Health:

The machines that you have today, I wish that I could have used them in addition to what I did, because they’re really amazing.

A guy like myself who had shoulder surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery — they can always find an exercise around the injury that I could do.

So I cannot do dumbbell lateral raises anymore, but I can go and find the machine that does exactly the same thing and I have no pain.

Earlier this year Arnie underwent emergency open-heart surgery to replace a pulmonic valve which was originally replaced in 1997.

It’s believed Arnie needed the replacement because his ‘temporary replacement valve’ – which was fitted 20 years ago – had outlasted its life expectancy.

There was speculation the reason why Arnie chose a temporary fix (rather than a mechanical valve which would never need replacing), is because the star was worried it would’ve limited his physicality and stopped him from working out.

Following the surgery Arnie’s spokesman claimed when Schwarzenegger woke up he joked ‘I’m back’, a play on his famous catchphrase ‘I’ll be back’.

Not even open heart surgery could stop the Terminator from working out though, and Arnie took up cycling when he got out of hospital, even telling Men’s Health it was his dream to cycle around the world.

It’s not slowed down Arnie’s business aspirations either, he’s just launched Ladder, a protein and supplement company which personalises the products to each person’s needs.

Sounds amazing! How did no one think of this before?

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