Australians Destroy British Guy Who Found Five Spots On His Foot After Dip In The Sea

by : UNILAD on : 20 Apr 2018 19:14
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A British tourist has been trolled after posting about finding five strange dots on his foot after swimming off the coast of Australia.


Posting a photo on Reddit, the unnamed tourist uploaded a close-up photo of his foot, which has five black marks on the heel. And it doesn’t look pleasant.

He said he thought he’d been ‘stung or bit by something’.


I’m a Brit, I went in the sea in your country and got stung or bit by something. [sic]

Instead of people being helpful, the trolls were out in full force trying to scare him into thinking he was going to die.

One person asked:

Sh*t. Have you picked out your funeral songs?

Somebody else answered: ‘Call your loved ones… write your will… Sorry bud, the news is not good.’

There was also this helpful response: ‘You have black dots like that it means your dick is going to fall off. The disease is called quīnque, you get it from drinking too much beer and mixing with filthy minded people.’

Foot on RedditFoot on Redditweejiemcweejer/Reddit

Another wrote:


Dude, seriously, get to the hospital, judging by the colouration you probably have less than 24 hrs to live. Marine hoop snake bites are no joke.

Another wrote: ‘Did you put those black marks there yourself or did you bring the f*ck*ng bubonic plague here you dirty Brit.’ Ouch!

Foot AustraliaFoot Australiaweejiemcweejer/Reddit

Somebody wrote:

Not to alarm you, but be very careful. Friend recently spent three weeks on very unpleasant antibiotics and at one point, before they got control of the infection, wondered how bad this was going to get (leg amputation?) from a coral scratch that was barely visible.

Seek good medical help.

But one actually helpful user said the marks appeared to be sea urchin puncture wounds.

The user wrote:

Pull out any spike fragments remaining in your foot with tweezers and keep clean.

There’ll probably be some minor localised infection around the wounds and be a little painful for a couple of days but you’ll live.

If an infection shows signs of taking hold though you’ll need to see a doctor for some antibiotics.

Looks painful.


Obviously, if you’re a flat-Earther, you’ll probably claim this story is ‘fake news’ because ‘Australia doesn’t exist’, right?


According to one flat-Earther, the land down under is just smoke and mirrors, in a theory which surfaced last year which has its roots in a Flat Earth Society forum thread from 2006.

It reads:

Most of you have probably been brought up believing in the imaginary land called Australia. I bet many of you even learned about it in school. I am here to tell you the truth.

Well, the fact is that Australia doesn’t really exist. Everything you have ever heard about it was made up, and any pictures of it you have seen were faked by the government.

I am sure you have even talked to people on the internet who claim to be from Australia. They are really secret government agents who are surfing the internet to enforce these false beliefs.

We are not entirely sure why the government made up an imaginary continent, or why it is trying to convince the world that this continent is real, but we can tell you that we know for a fact that Australia doesn’t really exist.

Please join us in our quest to convince the world of the truth.

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A Facebook user went viral last year after making her case for a non-existent Australia. Shelley Floryd posed to say Australians are all ‘actors or computer-generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.’

According to indy100 she said:

Australia is not real. It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace.

In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again.

It’s a coverup for one of the greatest mass murders in history, made by one of the most prominent empires.


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