Bad News For People Who Sleep Less Than Six Hours A Night


People who sleep fewer than six hours a night are more likely to have an extra inch around their waists, according to new research.

A study surveyed 1,615 adults and concluded that crap sleepers tended to be on the heavier side than those who got between seven to nine hours of shut eye.

So for reference, Emily Ratajkowski probably gets around 12 hour sleep per night, while your mom has suffered from acute insomnia for several decades.


Lead researcher Dr Laura Hardie, of the University of Leeds, said: 

Because we fond that adults who reported sleeping less than their peers were more likely to be overweight or obese, our findings highlight the importance of getting enough sleep.

How much sleep we need differs between people, but the current consensus is that seven to nine hours is best for most adults.


Prior research on the topic had suggested that little sleep contributes to a desire for junk food.