Before and After Pictures Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking

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How long have you been saying you’re going to quit drinking because your body is a temple and alcohol is the acid rain that erodes it?

Okay maybe no one else has ever said that, but now you’re going to be thinking it all the time!


There are plenty of strong-willed people who have actually gone sober and posted photos of themselves before and after to show just how effective it can be externally as well as on your internal health.

This lady, who goes by redlightgreenlight on Imgur, looks unrecognisable in her transformation…


The two photos on the left are from five years ago and the right two are from this year.


They say it’s easier to quit alcohol as a team, and this couple did just that. Obviously the improved make-up and grooming are to be taken into account, but what a difference!

collage-2016-11-01-19_40_45-58192847e1f86__700collage-2016-11-01-19_40_45-58192847e1f86__700Tonya Raleigh - Bored Panda

Tonya Raleigh and her partner were three years, four months, and seventeen days sober together and they look like a different couple.

Imgur user MEATTEO posted a photo of himself in the same t-shirt, 500 days sober…


It’s safe to say that t-shirt is a lot baggier and his face looks ten years younger.

Reddit user brittsuzanne told the story of how she ‘put down the vodka bottle’ and checked into rehab.


She has been eight and a half months sober and has lost an incredible 35 pounds, inspiring a lot of Reddit users who marveled at her progress.

I’m not sure how being sober has done this, but this guy’s head just seems to have changed shape completely…or maybe it’s just a great angle.

Of course everyone knows that sepia is a miracle filter, but you can’t take anything away from Reddit user silverladder:



Even after just one year he’s gone from convict to Next model…impressive stuff.

In just seven months, this friendly looking bearded man, known as ghostbackwards, lost a lot of weight on his face and just generally looks healthier.

Possibly the most striking transformation, in a mere six months, is Reddit user size16french . See for yourself…

 before-after-sobriety-photos-63before-after-sobriety-photos-63Bored Panda

Alcohol feels like invisible calories because it’s not seen as something that can fatten us up so much, but these photos demonstrate what a difference being sober can have on your weight.

The grim fact of it is, alcohol contains seven calories a gram…almost as many as pure fat and with absolutely no nutritional value!

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    10+ Before-And-After Pics Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking