Being Stubborn Makes You Live Longer, Study Finds


We all want to live longer, it’s kind of built into the human biology that everyone wants to stay on the planet as long as possible.

Well the keys to that could be stubbornness and a strong work ethic, so for all of you stubborn work horses, congratulations.

A new study has examined the mental and physical health levels of a group of Italians between the ages of 90 and 101 and found that there were surprising similarities between them, according to The Independent.


The study was published in International Psychogeriatrics, and it concluded the elderly participants had a better mental well-being than their younger family members.

Scientists from the University of California San Diego and the University of Rome La Sapienza surveyed 29 people who lived in Southern Italy in remote villages.

As a comparison, they surveyed younger members of the participants’ families – who were asked to describe the personalities of their older relatives.

The relatives who had stubborn personality traits seemed to live longest, and the researchers reckon it is psychologically beneficial because these people care less about the opinions of others.


Another common thread was a passion for life in the countryside.

Professor Dilip V. Jeste, lead author of the study, said:

There have been a number of studies on very old adults, but they have mostly focused on genetics rather than their mental health or personalities…

The main themes that emerged from out study, and appear to be the unique features associated with better mental health of this rural population, were positivity, work ethic, stubbornness and a strong bond with family, religion and land.


In order to get more reliable results and concrete evidence of this correlation, Jeste and the rest of his team are planning on following up this report with more longitudinal studies which will go further in depth about how the participants’ biological health compares with their physical and psychological health.

But for now, just dig your heels in and don’t take no for an answer on anything, your health will thank you for it.