Being Vegan Makes You A Better Lover


Veganism is a major source of debate among people the world over, and it’s unlikely to be one which is going to be solved any time soon.

Being vegan is often worn as a badge of honour for people who want to live cruelty-free lifestyles, but is derided and mocked by pretty much everyone else for being self-righteous and preachy.

We’re not here to pass judgement, we’re not here to pick a side, we’re only here to present the facts. The fact of the matter is being vegan makes you a better lover.

There are numerous reasons for this, but most of it is to do with the dietary implications of eating meat or not eating meat.

For example, it’s a well known fact that certain foods are aphrodisiacs, like oysters and chocolate. But some foods actually have the opposite effect, and can not only harm your sexual desire but your sexual prowess.

Foods with higher levels of zinc and vitamin B are said to increase sexual desire, foods like basil, figs, pine nuts, avocado, chickpeas and bananas. Vitamin B3 is great for your metabolism, which is ideal for those lovemaking sessions.

Zinc is also important in the production of testosterone, the all-important hormone when it comes to male sex drive.

All of these vitamins are all well and good, but there’s nothing which stops meat eaters from getting access to these goodies – so why are vegans inherently going to make better lovers? Well, as expected, it all comes down to the meat.

There are well established side-effects of your diet, from the obvious like weight gain and diabetes to other more subtle effects. But two things which are heavily prominent in meat, eggs and dairy – namely cholesterol and saturated fats – can also affect your sex lives.

These foods have long been associated with erectile dysfunction, and even with prostate cancer, because they slow the flow of blood to the nether-regions by clogging up your arteries.

PETA Director, Mimi Bechechi told The Telegraph:

The consumption of animal products has long been linked to artery blockages that cause inadequate functioning of not only a man’s heart but also all his other vital organs.

While foods high in fiber, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains, scrub the plaque off the arterial walls and get blood flowing to the parts he [a man] needs it flowing to, improving his love life and bringing satisfaction to someone else.


In fact, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claimed that regular exercise and a fruit-rich diet of berries and seeds can even knock down the risk of erectile dysfunction by as much as 20 per cent.

In 2014, the US Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine tried to get the founders of Meat Week to change the name to Erectile Dysfunction Acceptance Week.

They wrote in a letter:

Your event is the perfect opportunity to send a clear message to men across the country: It’s not you; it’s meat.

By embracing the name Erectile Dysfunction Acceptance Week… you’ll help [men] understand that, like constipation, erectile dysfunction is just another side effect of eating meat.

Couple that with the fact that watermelon helps get the man good and hard, it seems it’s time to put down that burger, and pick up those blueberries.