Bladder Ruptures After Man Holds In Beer For 18 Hours

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Bladder Ruptures After Man Holds In Beer For 18 HoursPexels/AsiaWire/Zhuji People's Hospital

After a heavy bout of boozing, a drunken Chinese man had so much urine in his bladder that it eventually ruptured. 

We’ve all been there, well perhaps not to the point of rupture, but nearly. Whether it be a long car journey, stuck on an excursion with no bathroom in sight or the constant stream after breaking the seal on a night out, it can be absolutely debilitating when you’re bursting for a pee.


However, there is such a thing as needing to urinate too much. No, I’m not talking about pissing your pants; while that is an obvious consequence of not relieving oneself, it turns out you can do some serious damage internally.

Bladder BurstAsiaWire/Zhuji People's Hospital

This is the story of Mr Hu, who was rushed to Zhuji People’s Hospital in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang after holding in a huge amount of urine for around 18 hours, leading his bladder to rupture and cause himself a great amount of pain.

The 40-year-old had to be taken into emergency surgery after drinking more than 10 beers. As a result of drunkenly sleeping through an entire day without using the toilet, he suffered three tears to his bladder, according to a report from the hospital.

Bladder BurstAsiaWire/Zhuji People's Hospital

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After waking up from his inebriated sleep, he felt intense abdominal pain. He still wasn’t entirely sober at the time, however he recalled feeling pain any time his stomach was touched. It was so severe Mr Hu said he couldn’t lie flat, according to a medic.

Hospital reports set out yesterday, June 17, said Mr Hu was taken to the facility’s urology department, where scans revealed three tears in the patient’s organ, according to Doctor Zhu Lingfei.

Bladder BurstAsiaWire/Zhuji People's Hospital

Surgeons Wei Hansong, Xu Qi and Chen Rong operated on Mr Hu in an urgent operation to repair his ruptured bladder, which had burst as a result of the increased pressure inside the organ. One tear opened to his abdominal cavity, causing his intestine to enter his bladder; this may have led to tissue death had he not been treated in time, the hospital report said.

Following the surgery, Mr Hu is reportedly in a stable condition. While his case is particularly rare, doctors noted it is a possibility for everyone. The hospital report noted the human bladder is flexible and can increase in size as fluids are ingested, but it is still limited to a capacity of between 350 and 500 millilitres.

Due to alcohol’s tendency of suppressing the nervous system, Mr Hu likely didn’t feel much sensation of needing to urinate while he slept.

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