Bodybuilder Eats Partner’s Placenta And F*ck Me This Is Disgusting

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You know those guys who bang on about protein and gains, well this bodybuilder has found the ultimate tip for fitness fanatics everywhere, and it’s grim as fuck.


New father Aaron Curtis didn’t just bring his baby home from the hospital, but his partners placenta, or afterbirth, as well…and then ate it.

I wish this was a joke, but he really does do it for ‘extra natty gains’ (can’t tell if that’s ironic or not) and to celebrate the life of his daughter.


In the video, he prepares the placenta, before cooking it in a grill and then tucking into it with a knife and fork, the Sun reports.

He explained in the video:

With the birth of my first child, I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains.

He ate a placenta because he really needed the gains…

–== TRAINING & NUTRITION UPDATE ==– Weighed in this week at 90.5kg, the same as last week's low. I would have dropped weight again, but all the left over cakes from 'moodment' week at the gym had to be consumed… so I made a donation and did my bit for charity. =P I still thought I looked and felt a little leaner again this week tho. Macros will stay at P250 C230 F65 for now, as I am happy to keep getting leaner, whilst I can't do much training wise. I finally put a bar on my back again for legs today! I had not done anything which involved putting a bar across my back for a few months now, as my right shoulder was sublaxing when I did so, due to the fact I had stopped all chest/shoulder/overhead back work and the joint seemed to have laxed a bit. So anyway, I did some back squats today and walking lunges and although I was rather scared about the shoulder popping out, it was fine! I was somewhat confident it would hold up, as I have done a cable fly exercise for chest and a static hold for shoulders the last few weeks, so the joint shouldn't be so laxed anymore. Felt so good to do back squats again! ^_^ The REVERSE DIET and Period Of time Eating At A Calorie Surplus (POTEAACS), on my way to 5000+ calories, shall continue, at some stage. #aaroncurtis #ironcurtis #twoguysonesnap #toobig #imskinny #imskny #nolegs #soskinnyithurts #masstheticarmy #massthetics #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuilding #natty4lyf #personaltraining #onlinetraining #onlinept #nutrition #zujinutrition #strongliftwear #slw #suppsrus #teamorange

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Side thought: I wonder if his dick looks really small because his legs are so massive.


He washed ‘off some of the slime before I eat it… to minimise the chance of dying.’

The muscle man likened the flavour to liver and said he got a ‘salty bit’ before his partner Erica put her foot down and said he wasn’t allowed to eat anymore.

Here’s Aaron with his new daughter…


I particularly enjoy his modest hashtag #t00big.

Quite a lot of people choose to eat their placentas, one woman started a business making placenta soups and dried placenta capsules.