‘Botched Operation’ Leaves Woman ‘Drowning In Own Faeces’

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Nov 2017 20:47
Kelly Yeoman

A young woman has been left unable to breathe due to faeces filling up her entire body.

34-year-old Kelly Yeoman was left vomiting her own poo after a ‘slip of the scalpel’ damaged her bowel during a routine operation.


This led to infections as well as her bowel losing function – she’s since endured two further surgical procedures to try and rectify the issue, spending eleven weeks in a Bristol hospital on very strong painkillers.

Even more terrifyingly, Kelly’s life is in grave danger – her bowel could perforate at any time which potentially, could lead to her death. Surviving such a trauma could mean her having to use a colostomy bag on a permanent basis.

A horrific x-ray of Kelly’s torso revealed how she’s literally ‘drowning in poo’ – her internal organs are no longer visible due to the mass of faecal matter packing her chest cavity – suffocating her slowly from the inside.

A shocking description on Kelly’s Go Fund Me page explains how she’s ‘regularly vomiting a foul mixture of her last meal and her own excrement’.

Posting an image of her x-ray on Facebook, Kelly spoke bravely about her nightmarish condition which is making every breath difficult:

For those who don’t quite understand the extent of my condition… this is my X-ray… the whole thing is a picture of fecal [sic] loading can’t even see my organs…. and yes it’s all in my chest too, my diaphragm and lungs are so high up I can barely breathe.

For those who don't quite understand the extent of my condition… this is my X-ray… the whole thing is a picture of…

Posted by Kelly Yeoman on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Kelly’s friends, concerned for her life, launched a Go Fund Me page, with the hope of raising enough money for specialist treatment at St Mark’s Hospital – a specialist bowel hospital in London.

She’s currently being looked after at Southmead Hospital in Bristol – and is apparently being treated very well.

However, her condition is reported to be critical and this specialist treatment could make all the difference – so far, the page has raised £1, 475 out of the required £10,000 funding target.

Kelly Yeoman

The page tells of a ‘happy, strong and determined’ person, whose life has been cruelly affected by an operation gone wrong.


Her friend Kate Rankin, who created the page, said:

Kelly is only 34 – a lovely, bright and caring young woman whose life should be full of fun and laughter and plans for the future.

Popular and outgoing, her loyalty knows no bounds.

She will do anything for her friends; giving her time, money and knowledge, wherever and whenever she can, happy to help anyone in need.

Kelly Yeoman/Facebook

A keen equestrian, Kelly is known for her close bond with her rescue horse Huckleberry Finn – she took Huckleberry on when he had a debilitating health concern of his own, known as ‘kissing spine’.


With Kelly’s kindness, the poorly horse recovered and flourished and the pair are now inseparable – competing together in competitions and taking rides across the beach.

The caring animal lover is confined to a hospital bed, becoming increasingly frightened as her health continues to deteriorate.

Kelly Yeoman/Facebook

You can donate to Kelly’s cause here.

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