Boy ‘Born With No Brain’ Stuns Doctors With Incredible Recovery

Channel 5

This is four-year-old Noah Wall and he is a living miracle. 

When Noah was born he had a condition that destroyed all but two per cent of his brain but despite medical and scientific estimations, Noah has defied all the odds after learning to count.

Even when Noah was in the womb the odds were against him. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid that pushes the brain against the skull and, in Noah’s case, destroyed almost all of the tissue in his brain, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite the harrowing fact that his mother and father, Shelly and Rob, were forced to pick a coffin for their unborn son – not only did Noah survive his birth, but four years later he continues to develop.

Channel 5

On the Channel 5 show ‘The Boy Who Grew a Brain’ it was revealed that Noah can now count to ten and can hold a pen steady in his hand while tracing his name.

His mum Shelly, explains in the show:

He has been chatting so much more and pronouncing his words,’ Shelly explains in the show. He has started writing, he can follow my finger and write his name.

His concentration was just unbelievable with the pen, I didn’t know that this day would ever come. You can see the excitement, and he knows that he had done something amazing… he amazes us everyday.

Channel 5

Although Noah is confined to a wheelchair, the show revealed that there has been a gargantuan spurt of progress over the past few months.

Just last year Noah could not even recognise numbers but now due to his own determination and his parent’s input he has surpassed the estimations of doctors and scientists everywhere.

What a little guy!