Bradley Lowery Named Child Of Courage As Mum Says He’s ‘Feeling A Little Better’

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Little Bradley Lowery has been named the Pride of North East’s Child of Courage for his incredible bravery, as his mum reveals his latest progress. 

Five-year-old Bradley is currently fighting for his life against a cruel and vicious form of cancer known as neuroblastoma.

To honour his amazing determination and spirit, the Mirror reports the North East branch of the Pride of Britain award have named him as this year’s child of courage and his mum – Gemma –  is hugely touched.

Bradley has did super good today been attached to machines for hours getting his T Cells taken out ready to be modified….

Posted by Bradley lowery's fight against neuroblastoma on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tomorrow, Bradley will have his sixth birthday and thankfully this time, his mum has some good news to report.

Gemma – who’s from County Durham – took to Facebook to share the news her son is ‘feeling a little better and slowly starting to improve.’

She described how the support her family had received in the wake of Bradley’s illness ‘makes a really difficult time a little bit better.’

Bradley had an amazing time at flamingo land. It was made special from start to finish thank you to all the people…

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She said:

It’s an amazing feeling, but a bit overwhelming as well, because obviously he’s just our little boy from a little village.

We are very grateful for the fact that he’s got to make such special friendships and memories – we appreciate that not everybody does.

We obviously think he’s special, because we’re biased, but for the rest of the country to feel that too is amazing.

Bradley's had his first hair cut today since his hair grew back and he loves it. He took his top off to get the photo…

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The Lowery’s had a family holiday to America planned for Sunday, but Gemma explained how they have been forced to postpone it after Bradley’s condition worsened last week.

She wrote on Facebook:

Bradley is feeling a little better and his pain is slowly starting to improve. He is going to continue on antibiotics and be assessed each day and maybes have some radiotherapy.

We have decided that we are cancelling our holiday to America as we were meant to go on Sunday and we don’t feel he will be well enough. However we are hoping to get there in a few weeks.

Bradley is super excited to turn 6 on Wednesday although he will be spending it in hospital and he is looking forward to his party on Friday.

****UPDATE****Bradley is feeling a little better and his pain is slowly starting to improve. He is going to continue…

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The five-year-old was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer at just 18-months old and after two years of gruelling treatment, the tot went into remission.

Sadly, in July last year, his parents received distressing news the cancer had returned, meaning the long-suffering child was forced to receive intrusive treatment once more, as he fights to win his battle.

After the news broke of Bradley having to face the horrors of cancer again, thousands of people have shown their support for the little boy, helping to raise funds for the family.

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The Pride of North East awards are set to take place on Thursday and plenty of famous stars and celebs are to attend in honour of brave Bradley, who will unfortunately be spending the day in hospital.

However, the rest of the family, including his mum, dad Carl, 15-year-old brother Kieran and his grandparents are excited to go and join the celebrations for inspirational Bradley.

The soon-to-be-six-year-old is a huge Sunderland fan and player Jermain Defoe – who carried the little boy onto the pitch before the Black Cats vs Swansea game on Saturday – will also be rocking upto his birthday bash on Friday.

Posted by Bradley lowery's fight against neuroblastoma on Thursday, 9 February 2017

Gemma added:

Jermain is absolutely fantastic with him – Bradley adores him and is always so excited to see him. He’s such a lovely man.

Bradley has shown true courage and amazing spirit throughout his lengthy battle with cancer.

Congratulations to the little guy for his fantastic award and his bravery in the tough journey he’s been made to go on at such a young age.

Hopefully he will have an incredible birthday and continue to fight and feel better so he can get back to enjoying his life just as any six-year-old should.