Brave Baby Girl Has Second Limb Amputated After Battle With Meningitis


A brave baby girl has had part of her leg amputated as she continues to battle the deadly disease meningitis.

Ten-month-old Kia Gott has already had one of her arms amputated – up to her elbow – in order to fight the disease and her heartbroken parents, Paul and Vikki Gott, were told they’d have to remove all three of her remaining limbs.

However, in the theatre, doctors made the last minute decision to only remove one of her legs instead of all her remaining limbs.


Her family hope it will be the same for her remaining limbs, report The Telegraph and Argus.

Relative, Donna Gott, said Kia’s parents were trying to stay positive and hoping for the best outcome: 

Kia is fairly stable right now. She went to the high dependency unit rather than intensive care after surgery which was a good sign.

The surgeons are really pleased with her. It’s not to say she won’t need more surgery on her limbs in the future but for now there’s a bit of light and she has a better chance of mobility.

Kia’s parents have been told by doctors their little girl will most likely be blind, deaf and have brain-damage, but they’re holding out in hope she’ll prove them wrong.


The little girl was first rushed into intensive care in Leeds, four weeks ago, with meningococcal septicaemia, after her mother took her to the GP as Kia hadn’t been acting like herself.

Kia had been extremely lethargic and jerking in her sleep, as well as having a temperature of 38.5 C.

Her symptoms then worsened and she had a mini cardiac arrest as paramedics tried to treat her with emergency drugs.


She was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary before she was transferred to intensive care at Leeds General Infirmary, where the family were given the news all four limbs would be removed.

A crowdfunding page has been set up to help the family during this difficult time and has so far raised £21,000 from kind-hearted strangers.

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