Calculator Reveals Which Area You Are Most At Risk Of Catching An STI In

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 16 Sep 2021 15:47
Calculator Reveals Which Area You Are Most At Risk Of Catching An STI InDamir Spanik/Glodi Miessi/Unsplash

Scientific experts have created a new interactive STI calculator that calculates how likely you are to catch an STI in your local area. But which areas carry the highest risk? 

Following UK lockdown restrictions, data collected by men’s healthcare organisation, FROM MARS, known for its ‘out of this world healthcare for men,’ shows that ‘the number of people contracting an STI between 2019 – 2020 dropped by around 32%.’


However, according to the organisation, ‘searches for STI symptoms have increased by 21% since September 2020.’

The men’s health website also explains that experts are revealing ‘a post-pandemic surge in cases.’

Calculator Reveals Which Area You Are Most At Risk Of Catching An STI In (FROM MARS)FROM MARS

According to the STI calculator, Lambeth currently sits at the top of the table with the highest number of new STI cases at ‘3,915 per 100,000 people,’ and of those cases, the data shows that ‘1,611 have been revealed to be chlamydia.’


Outside of the London area, Brighton & Hove is logged to be where residents are ‘most at risk of catching an STI’, with the figures for the area currently standing ‘at around 1,566 per 100,000 people.’

Moving further up the country comes Manchester – listed as the ‘STI capital of the North West, with around 1,437 cases.’ The calculator shows the most common infections are chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital warts. What a title.

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Navin Khosla, the Superintendent Pharmacist at FROM MARS commented, ‘we understand the importance of sexual health and why it’s vital we all have safe and enjoyable sex. We wanted to create the STI Calculator so that people across the UK could get a better understanding of the most prevalent STIs in their local area and how “at-risk” they are of catching one if safe sex isn’t abided by.’


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The STI calculator is designed to be user-friendly, ‘we hope it comes in useful for as many people as possible. Simply select your region and you will be given the number of STI cases in your area, as well as the most common STIs.’

You can try out the calculator and see for yourself here.

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