Cannabis Could Help Treat Eczema, Scientists Say

by : UNILAD on : 16 Feb 2018 19:45

Cannabis could be used to treat eczema and psoriasis, according to new studies.


Scientists at the University of Colorado started trials on a compound in the drug to see if it can deter the effects of the common skin conditions.

Cannabidiol – or CBD – is believed to act as a remedy to eczema and psoriaris without the high.

Holland & Barrett currently stocks an oil form of the compound which is legal in the UK. Cannabis, though, remains illegal.


Ian Hamilton, drugs researcher at York University told MailOnline:

There is emerging evidence that chemicals within cannabis might offer potential health benefits

But we will need more than one research trial to be done before we can say whether this works or not.

It might be several years before this research produces medicines that can be used for conditions such as eczema.

Herb is a website that advocates the benefits of medicinal marijuana and have written on the benefits when it comes to skin conditions.


They write:

Cannabis interacts with these immune cells. When applied topically, compounds in the herb bind to cell receptors in the skin’s immune cells. This is super handy when you have some type of allergic rash.

Cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis, are immuno-suppressant. That is, they dampen the immune system. When you get a rash and your skin flares up, the immune cells in your skin trigger an inflammatory response.

When you get a rash and your skin flares up, the immune cells in your skin trigger an inflammatory response.


They add:


In those with eczema, this inflammatory response is a bit out of control. Your skin may be especially sensitive to different things like soaps, pollen, or cat and dog dander. Exposure to irritants or stress can cause a flare-up, and it can be difficult to calm your immune system down once a flare-up has started. Your immune system reacts more intensely to stimuli than it should.

Applying topical cannabis creams or oils to the agitated area reduces the inflammatory response. This cuts down on the irritation and allows your skin to heal and return to normal. As a bonus, cannabis cream is not associated with the negative side effects of steroids.

A woman who uses cannabis oil to help cure her cancer has stated that she will continue to use the illegal substance.

During her appearance on This Morning Joy Smith, from Coventry, told hosts, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, how the banned substance saved her life.

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As someone who’s had eczema since he started saying ‘Dada’ I fully endorse this move to put a lid on a condition that affects so many people. It’s 2018, people!

However, as a straight-edge Catholic who would rather be seen dead than injecting or snorting a line of ‘pot’, you can count me out.

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