Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away Star In Remission After ‘Death Sentence’ Diagnosis

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A TV bailiff who shot to fame on the popular programme Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away is now in remission after he received a ‘death sentence’ cancer diagnosis.

Delroy Anglin was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) in November, leaving him urgently needing a bone marrow transplant if he was to survive the disease.


Fans of the Channel 5 show rushed to join the donor register to spare the dad-of-six from the cancer, with more than 100 people joining a donor register in just two hours.

Speaking in April, the dad-of-six told the Croydon Advertiser:

You feel as if someone has pronounced a death sentence. At the end of the day, unless somebody says differently – I’m terminal.


Now a donor has been found and Delroy is in remission, but there’s still a way to go.

DCBL Bailiffs, the company Delroy works for, shared the good news on their Twitter, with a statement reading:

While we do have great news to share in that a stem cell match has been found for Delroy and he is currently being prepared to receive his transplant early next month, Delroy is not in complete remission.

Currently, Delroy still has a low amount of leukaemia cells in his body, however, his specialist doctors have confirmed the transplant will go ahead shortly in the hope, it may cure Delroy.

Delroy and his family have asked for everyone to continue to keep him in their thoughts and prayers and to continue supporting the fight against leukaemia and other blood cancers and disorders, by joining the stem cell register.


Since his diagnosis, Delroy has been appealing to encourage more African and Caribbean people living in the UK to join the Stem Cell Register – the #Match4Delroy appeal, led by ACLT, 

The pain of dealing with a loved one being diagnosed with leukaemia is something Delroy and his family are all too familiar with, as 40 years ago, Delroy’s brother lost his battle against the disease.

Channel 5/Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away

Delroy’s sister, Janet Hills said:


When I tell people that Delroy from Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away! is my brother, there is an immediate outpouring of warmth and love. I’m praying this appeal turns that love into action.

ACLT is the preferred charity for the MBPS and the NBPA. Our members continually engage with the charity and organise community events to raise awareness and funds. If you love Del on the show as much as I love him as my brother, then please, please, please make that commitment today to join the stem cells (bone marrow) register.

Beverley De-Gale, ACLT co-founder said:

Delroy’s life has done a complete 360 in the last four months. From being on a popular documentary series to being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

We hope fans of the show come together and help save the life of the individual they have come to love on-screen, in addition to joe-public who don’t watch the show.


For more information and to find out how to join the stem cell register click here.

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