Charlotte Crosby Hits Back At Documentary Tearing Apart Her Appearance

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Charlotte Crosby Hits Back At Documentary Tearing Apart Her Appearance@charlottegshore/instagram

Reality TV star Charlotte Crosby has responded to a documentary that negatively focused her looks.

The former Geordie Shore cast member addressed the airing of a Channel 5 documentary that took aim at her weight, body shamed her, and criticised the surgery she’d had and added opinions from so-called experts.


Tweeting to her 2.9 million followers, as well as sharing it to her Instagram feed with some 7.1 million fans, Charlotte posted a lengthy statement whereby she blasted the channel and the production company behind the attack.

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‘I cannot quite believe I am saying this, but here goes,’ she began her post.

‘Last night, Channel 5 & Crackit Productions put out a one-hour documentary called ‘Celebrities – What Happened To Your Face – Charlotte Crosby.’


The post describes how she’s battled with her own issues regarding her appearance and the personal trauma relating to it, calling the programme hypocritical. She reminds Channel 5 they have mental health helplines on their website but asks ‘is this for the viewers, or the subjects of their poor choice of programmes like me?’

The 31-year-old slammed the show for exacerbating her mental health issues and for causing distress many others may not deal with as well. ‘Fortunately I’m strong enough to deal with it but many aren’t!’

She also explained how her agent was informed of the go-ahead for the documentary that had a sole purpose of shaming her looks and choices, recalling:


When this was commissioned last March 2020, my agent found out about it & was appalled. She very clearly outlined to Crackit Productions not just how immoral and insensitive it was but how detrimental to this would be to my mental health.

In response to her agent, Charlotte said, the company did not want to know. They ‘ignored her, despite repeated correspondence and ran with it regardless.’

The cross-platform post has had plenty of support with thousands of shares on Twitter and over a quarter of a million likes on Instagram.

With recent tragedies such as the death of former Big Brother star Nikki Grahame and Caroline Flack having taken her own life in 2020, it appears the mainstream media still haven’t learned their lesson.


If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.

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