Chris O’Dowd Plays A Coach In ‘The Topless Female Trampolining World Champs’ Charity Video


It seems comedy actor Chris O’Dowd started off his career on an unexpected path as ‘a topless trampolining coach…’


An intriguing video has  gone viral again, appearing to show the IT Crowd star working in a sports hall surrounded by topless ladies, as they limber up for a trampolining sesh.

Unfortunately, as much as I would love this to be real, it sadly is not… It’s actually a sketch for the Coppafeel charity campaigning for male breast cancer awareness.


The hilarious footage captures Chris’s character – Lars Larson – working as a ‘topless trampolining health and safety officer,’ giving the ladies the once over.

The video comically shows the girls stripping off and warming up, before taking to the trampolines for a bounce in the ‘Topless Trampoline Championships.’

Luckily, hands-on Lars is ready and waiting for when the girls need some extra support and physio after their activity and can be seen massaging the girls and assisting with their stretches.

Caring Lars then turns to the camera to explain his job role for anyone who was unsure, the Daily Star reports.


He said:

It’s my job to make sure that they’re ok.

The video isn’t just a lighthearted bit of fun though, it carries a very important message which Chris’ character Lars delivers at the end.


He says:


Men can get breast cancer too.

But there is good news because early detection can save lives.

The viral footage has been watched over 6.2 million times, labelling Chris with ‘the world’s best job’ and it seems many viewers still believes the clip to be real…

Here’s the full version of the amusing footage:

One posted:

Do not touch is the worst rule ever for a job like that.

Another commented:

When are these championships I’ve never seen topless trampolining before?

It may be a great idea to some people but it looks pretty painful to me…