Crazy Video Mashup Of People On Lots Of Drugs Goes Viral

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Dec 2015 11:42
ucOTNMGvQtGuW2QgfgKp_drugsarebadSouth Park

If you ever needed a reason to steer clear of taking an absolute shitload of drugs, let this video from Raging Humor be a warning to you. Taking drugs can make you do some pretty strange things, things like…

Go to work without trousers…

giphy (1)Raging Humor

Make you strip down to your pants and freak the fuck out on the train…

freakoutRaging Humor

Disrupt your natural grace and rhythm, making your sweet dance moves look a bit… weird.

dancingbadlyRaging Humor

Cause you to freestyle rap on the train while also dry humping the air…

giphyRaging Humor

Freeze you in time. Seriously guys, ‘I’m paralysed’…

paralyzedRaging Humor

Or even fight a teddy bear because it’s ‘a bitch ass fuck’…

giphy (2)
giphy (2)

See the full video here, and remember don’t do loads of drugs if you don’t want to look like a nutcase…


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