Dad And Son Share Incredible Transformation Pictures


A father and son have shared their spectacular weight loss transformation after embarking on strict exercise regimes from March to September last year.

32-year-old Ding Guoliang, said he hoped his father 53-year-old Ding Youwang, could lose his beer belly and feel happy again, so he put on weight in order that they could go through a weight loss journey together.

Guoliang, a Chinese photographer, documented the amazing transformation over time where they both went from having beer bellies to six packs.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Guoliang said:

Previously my dad was shy and didn’t talk much; now he’s much happier and more energetic. He even looks a decade younger.

My father was going through difficult times then. He owned a small bamboo factory, the business had gone down and he lost money.

He’s a reserved person and doesn’t like sharing his trouble, so he resorted to alcohol and got drunk often.

He spent hours on end playing with his phone and wouldn’t leave the house.

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The caring son deliberately gained 1.6 stone (22 pounds) and after working out in the gym for five days a week for seven months, the pair from south-east China’s Fujian Province looked ten years younger.

He wrote in his online blog on WeChat:

In my mind, my father has always been a tall and strong person.

His depression shook me and made me feel determined to change him.

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Before they started their quest for fitness, Guoliang’s father, who is 5ft 6in tall, weighed 13 stone (183 pounds) – the retired bamboo factory owner shed 3.1 stone (44 pounds).

Guoliang managed to drop from 11 stone (158 pounds) to 9.4 stone (132 pounds).

The photographer and new father said he hadn’t lived with his parents for over ten years and he wanted to get to know his father better.

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Guoliang continued:

Every 10 days, we would record our changes until September 30. We never stopped working out.

Exercising in the gym is a self-challenge, but also a self-cultivation. [My father and I] cooperated with each other and constantly encouraged each other.

We have built a special bond through it.

My mum’s health is not good, so she would do some light jogging with my dad.

Now my father is like my brother, my teacher and my friend, could any father-and-son relationship be better?

Guoliang’s wife, who gave birth to a healthy baby boy in May last year is also embracing the healthy routine with her passions in yoga.

When explaining how this journey has been life-changing for his family, Guoliang quoted Forrest Gump and said:

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.