Dad Who Shared His Daughter’s Heartbreaking Cancer Battle Says ‘End Is Near’

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a-fight-against-neuroblastoma-2a-fight-against-neuroblastoma-2Facebook/Andrew James Whelan

The dad who’s photo of his dying daughter, in terrible agony with cancer which went viral, has revealed that the family now know her death is imminent. 


The Mirror have broken the devastating news from the four-year-old’s dad earlier today. They reported him as saying, “We now know her time remaining with us is sadly limited. I am in tears as I write this, not wanting but understanding the end is near.”

Andrew Whelan has posted his daughter Jessica’s heartbreaking story on social media, updating supporters throughout her painful journey.

jessica-whelan-a-fight-against-neuroblastomajessica-whelan-a-fight-against-neuroblastomaAndrew James Whelan

The awful picture shows little Jessica writhing in pain and her parents debated sharing it at all, as people criticised their choice.


“So many photos show smiling bald children in hospital wards surrounded by santas, actors and celebrities, their happy faces full of hope, which is uplifting,” said Andy.

But Jessica’s mum wanted people to see ‘the true face of cancer,’ depicted in the harrowing photo.

jessica-webjessica-webFacebook/Andrew James Whelan

The little girl’s parents are now stepping off social media, after breaking the news of their limited time left with her.

They posted,”We are all understandably heartbroken that our attempts to give her additional extra time combined with the quality of life that she deserves have not worked and I thank you all for the various suggestions to manage this disease recently.

“We have always wanted to do what is best for Jessica and we believe that in now stopping all but the pain management that is now at a level to give her comfort we will give her the most comfortable and dignified passing.”

a-fight-against-neuroblastoma-1a-fight-against-neuroblastoma-1Facebook/Andrew James Whelan

The four-year-old had been suffering with a cancer of nerve cells; stage four neuroblastoma since 2015, when she suffered a fall and the x-ray picked up abnormalities.


Tragically, doctors have said there is nothing else they can do, so bravely, her parents have decided to cease with her treatment.

Jessica’s mum, Nicki, said: “We are really struggling and it’s hard to know that we’re going to lose my daughter.

“We have been told it is going to be a couple of weeks and every day we take as the last.

“But how do you cope with losing a child?”


Andy announced that the fundraising campaign which raised  £100,000 is now closed and that the family will donate it to a charity close to theirs and Jessica’s hearts.

He explained that her Facebook page will be updated and kept as a memorial after she has passed away to continue to increase awareness of this devastating disease.

Thoughts go out to little Jessica and her family at this distressing time.

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