Dan Bilzerian Had Two Heart Attacks After Four-Day Cocaine And Viagra Binge

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Dan Blizerian lives a life that is the envy of many of his 22.6 million Instagram followers – but shockingly partying all the time can have severe effects on your health.


Everyone knows that drinking all day and taking lots of drugs is really, really bad for you – but Dan has revealed that one party nearly killed him – twice.

Speaking to Graham Bensinger in an interview Dan described a four-day drink and drugs binge that landed him critically-ill in hospital:


He was just 25-years-old when a skiing holiday somehow ended up in Vegas. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure you can’t ski near Vegas, which is in a desert.

In the course of his dangerous binge he managed to take six times the recommended dose of Viragra on top of lots of cocaine and booze.

Not the smartest of moves.

Dan describes the feeling of a heart attack as ‘this pain in my shoulder’, and his reaction (yes, to a heart attack) was to do push-ups.

Pure Dan Bilzerian.

After experiencing shortness of breath Dan realised it was probably quite serious and managed to drive himself to hospital.


Driving obviously being very ill-advised considering the number of substances he has taken – but he’s made so many bad decisions at this point, why the hell not.

While in hospital a doctor explained to him that he was indeed having a heart attack and saved Dan’s life.

The next day Dan had another heart attack which he also somehow survived.

While Dan Bilzerian tells the story in a way that somehow almost seems enviable when you strip away the glamour he tries to add to it you’re left with quite a dark tale that could have ended very differently.

It just goes to show that behind the glossy Instagram there are a lot of serious consequences to Dan’s hyper-life.

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